If you are like most people, you may just forget about your sewer or drain field and septic system until you experience back up and problems. The way that a properly installed drain field works is after wastewater is treated at the septic tank, the purified water exits the septic tank through the baffles. A drain line leads the clean water to the distribution box where it is dispensed to the drain field. AA Plumbing & Drain Cleaning has the valuable experience to install and repair drain fields and keep them working up to standards.

AA Plumbing & Drain Cleaning are the experts in drain field installation and repair as well as inspection of an existing installed septic and drain field. We know that when installing a septic drain field, the most important decision is the first: location. Our septic system experts study the layout of each property and soil to identify the best location for your drain field to do its job successfully. The trained professionals of AA Plumbing and Drain Cleaning meet all of Tennessee’s septic system ordinances and skillfully install your drain field to ensure that it is long-lasting and in compliance with state and local regulations.

If you are experiencing any of the following (especially when you are experiencing a high wastewater volume day such as laundry day):

  • Gurgling sink, shower, or bath drains
  • Slow draining water in sinks, tubs, or showers
  • Water coming back up through floor drains
  • Wet spots in your yard
  • Foul odors coming from drains

If your drain field is not working correctly your septic system is not working correctly. Call AA Plumbing & Drain Cleaning today!