At AA Plumbing and Drain Cleaning we know that sewer cleaning and repair needs to be completed by a licensed and experienced sewer contractor who has done enough sewer repair and replacement jobs to know what they are doing. Our plumbers are highly trained experts who understand sewer repair and what can go wrong if it is not done right. We know you need your sewer line working again fast, but that the most important thing is answering your sewer repair questions and providing you with complete customer satisfaction.

Sewer cleaning is best performed using a hydro-jetting machine or large drain snake. Our sewer cleaning plumbers can take a look at your particular problem and determine what the best sewer repair is for your situation. Generally the speaking the most common sewer problems we see are clogs in the sewer main line caused by tree roots, feminine products, toiletries, paper towels and children’s toys.

At AA Plumbing and Drain Cleaning our sewer line repair/replacement specialists are prepared to provide you with the very best service in East Tennessee. Our quality technicians not only take on repairs with experience and professionalism, but also with an appreciation of exceptional customer service. Our AA Plumbing and Drain Cleaning sewer line repair/replacement experts know that emergencies can and do happen and we can provide services to keep your home or place of business up to date and working efficiently, so if you’re looking for the best company for the job, look no further.